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user_12491 (20 days ago)

He is back but room has password on

user_8796 (19 days ago)

He's not back though, he wasn't actually on cam. I was logged in at the time and he was online, but he never opened his cam

user_14084 (19 days ago)

Thats weird. was he chatting?

user_8796 (18 days ago)

I don't follow many cams so I noticed his cam disappear from my offline list, which made me hope that he was back online. But then, it never appeared under online and after a short period of time it appeared back in offline and said he'd just been logged in. If that makes sense.

user_8796 (23 days ago)

I miss him

user_15524 (3 months ago)

Hi guys, Michael is fine. He is taking a long break from broadcasting to deal with a personal matter and will be back once he has concluded it.

faronejames (2 months ago)

Thank god! was worried. Hope its nothing too serious.

user_8987 (4 months ago)

Does no one have any idea what happened to him? I'm concerned.

duffscr40 (4 months ago)

He is a lawyer isn't he? perhaps he can't be online at the moment because of a case

user_12491 (4 months ago)

He was either a lawyer or worked for the Government. I can't remember.

user_9125 (4 months ago)

I thought I hadn't seen him for a while. Hope he is okay. Perhaps a case he is working on means he cannot broadcast right now.

user_3234 (5 months ago)

Very worried for him now. Does anyone have any form of contact ?

user_12491 (5 months ago)

does anyone have him on skype?

user_3234 (5 months ago)

I'm also worried. he has disappeared.

user_12491 (5 months ago)

Should we be worried at his absence with no reason being given?

geilxxx (6 months ago)

I agree. its odd he has stopped broadcasting and his cam4 profile is gone

red neck (6 months ago)

Its weird how he used to broadcast twice a day and has done for years yet suddenly he has disappeared. hope he is alright

user_14084 (7 months ago)

anyone know whats happening with him? his cam4 account is now deleted also.

user_12491 (7 months ago)

I was wondering that myself.

user_14851 (about 1 year ago)

body like marble.